domingo, dezembro 21, 2008

Sebastian - The Superman

This post will be written in English because although Superman can speak a little bit Portuguese, he does understand English better. My English is a litle rusty though, so don't mind the stupid mistakes.

How i met Superman.

Friday night. I was tired and not feeling very well, but a friend challenged me go out a little and have fun. I thought "Ok. Just a little. Will come back home early."

So we decided to go to Lux.

The music was great. The crowd too.

Suddenly, in the middle of all that dancing people (in the bar), a figure cought my attention. He was tall, and wearing a shirt and dark grey suit (i think!). He had also glasses on. But what really cought my attention was the way he danced. A very very cool and stylish way. It was easy to see that he was having fun, no matter what song was playing, no matter what way people looked at him.
As i was. Because he was really funny, but not in a ridiculous way. I actually told my friend to watch him for a while. And she said - "Do you know who he reminds me of? Superman!"
And it was true... the glasses, the hair, and the suit, made him look like Clark Kent.
Time went by, and suddenly, i was dancing with my mind far away from there, and heard a voice "Are you guys from here?"
And there he was. Smilling at me.
So we started talking. I told him my friend thought he looked like Superman, he laught. Asked my name and introduced himself as "Clark". But after a while he said his real name was Sebastian.
So he was from Austria, and it was his first time in Portugal. Some guy (a very clever one, i must say) recommended him "Lux". He was leaving to Brazil at 8h00 (i think).
Most of the things he told me i couldn't listen, so we decided to dance more, and talk less.
We danced, we drinked, we all went outside to get some air, talked a litle bit more untill we froze, went back inside and danced, and drinked, and dance and drinked again. Untill 6h00.
I had to leave, unfortunately. We traded emails and phone numbers and i told him to come back in the summer.

So imagine my surprise, when the day after, at dinner time, i receive a call from a strange number.
It was Sebastian. I asked him "Are you already in Brazil?"
He answered: "ahhhhh, actually no. I didn't get the plane. So now i'll be leaving tomorrow. I was hoping to see you again, what are your plans for tonight?"
" i was planning to get some rest. I am really tired, didn't sleep much, i don't think i can move!"
-"Ah, come on!!! It's my last night!!! I'd like to see you! We could go to Lux again. A friend of mine is here and i want to show him "Lux".
"What? Are you crazy? I said i can't move, do you think i can dance?"
-"You will dance!!"
So ok. I definitely can't learn from my mistakes. After last week, i thought i learned something (well actually, i learned to go out without my car).
So again, we drinked and we dance, we got to know each other a little better, then he confessed to me he didn't get any sleep for 40 hours!!! And there he was, dancing like crazy! He sure was Superman, ahahahah!
After a while...
He saw the couches upstairs in the bar, and he felt like they were calling him... so he decided to sit down for a while.
The 3 of us decided to sit and i was afraid i wouldn't hang on and fall a sleep, but after 5 minutes, Sebastian thought the couch was very similar to his bed. So he laid down. And after (what, 2 minutes?) he was deeply sleeping. Everybody that passed by thought he was in a coma or something.
So that was your last night at Lisbon, Superman! Sleeping in Lux couch!
I hope you had fun, i'm sure you will at Brazil, and don't forget to send me the pictures you took with your cell phone!

Oh, and by the way,
es ist alles über die harmonie.
Ich hoffe, dass Sie das Andenken genoßen, das ich Ihnen gab, und ich hoffe eines Tages, dass ich Sie wieder sehen werde.

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Leila* disse...

Pelo menos por uma noite foste a Lois Lane! E acredita que te saiste muito bem. Sei de fonte segura que tiraste os pés do chão umas quantas vezes! :D

"And there he was, dancing like crazy!" (Ainda tenho a imagem na cabeça!)